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new wellness

300+ videos

Everything from A to ZEN

The Wholeness Library is full of simple, easy to follow videos. Our experts are knowledgable on all things mind, body, spirit, and soul. There is always something ready to empower you and support your day. It's like having a wellness practitioner on call.

Prices start at just $4.99.

Ready to live life whole?


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Sitting Meditation

I use the library as my morning routine. It gets me going and on the right track.

Yoga at Home

The visual meditations make meditation possible for me. My brain does not like quiet and still.

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I use the library between sessions with my life coach and it gives me just what I need to make it.

Our Mission

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Two Women were brought together by way of parallel painful challenges. Both found a gift and talent within holistic wellness modalities. Both felt as if they were walking into the unknown and afraid what others would think of this new "woo woo" way of living and making a living. But, the woo woo worked. It worked for them and it worked for their clients and so they created The Wholeness Network in hopes of sharing theirs and other's gifts and expertise in everything mind, body, spirit, and soul. There were few that understood or had access to this information and experience. They joked about transforming "woo woo" to simply woo and hopefully WOW! They wanted to update and translate holistic vocabulary as well as change the stereotype often associated with healing modalities and practices.

They teamed up with amazing experts and created an online streaming library full of simple and effective mini-classes, tutorials, wholeness hacks, downloads, and more recently, live online events with the experts. Think Netflix for healing and learning to live with vitality. This library is a place to follow along with an expert as you tap away current emotional stress. It is full of what they call visual meditations that are perfect for those who think they cannot meditate. The library is a great way to incorporate a mindful practice with little to no effort.    

not for you?


We trust your intuition. Maybe this isn't the right time for you to start making your daily vitality a top priority. We believe everything is in perfect order. As a thank you for stopping by, let us send you a mini class about your energy system.

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