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Joe Hehn is a mindset & spiritual mentor helping you transform your life by teaching you how to wield the power of your mind and spirit. Through a decade of dedication & determination, studying dozens of belief systems, religions, faiths, and spiritual practices, Joe discovered something revolutionary – the process of transforming one's mind and perspective while making a deep & authentic connection to spirit. He began teaching others to do the same in 2016 and has changed countless lives ever since.

Through his process, Joe listens to and hears you. He’s able to discover what you believe about yourself as well as your circumstance and potential for success. Your reality is constructed based on your beliefs. Those which don’t serve, empower, and inspire you need to be rewritten so that you can experience the kind of life you truly desire. Joe has an innate ability to find the pain, the blocks, and the limitations. Through his guidance and support, he’s able to guide you through the process of eliminating any limitations, replacing them, and nurturing a new belief system and perspective until both have manifested your desired reality.

It’s his greatest pleasure, passion, and honor to be a part of your mindful & spiritual journey.

Joe is also a speaker and author of, “Dreams of Antiquity – The Awakening” his first novel scheduled for release the summer of 2022.

Here’s the synopsis on that novel which some have claimed will be a massively moving and inspiring story…

Gracien was prepared to live the remainder of his days alongside the love of his life, his Ayadonna. When tragedy strikes the kingdom of Babylonia, Gracien must choose how to move on. Faced with heartbreaking grief and a deflating will to live, the fallen King is sent on a journey of self-exploration through new incarnations. What began as an attempt to reunite with his one true love, turns into what seems like a never-ending cycle as he struggles to find peace, understanding, and a renewed sense of purpose. From the isolated Aboriginal tribes and the mountains of Nepal, to the streets of ancient Egypt and the city of Beijing, Gracien strives to rediscover love for his own life as he relentlessly reincarnates over and over. Will he be able to process this immense grief that no one should have to endure? Or will it consume and destroy him? Most importantly, will Ayadonna be there to guide him through this epic quest or is she merely a figment of his imagination?
Gracien’s journey is a testament to his and Ayadonna’s beautiful love story. However, his story is more so a dedication to his own growth and strength discovered through grief. His story is one of loss, family, struggle, love and healing, but most importantly, an awakening of mind and spirit.

Three days after Joe lost his wife, he received this message from her:
“I want you to tell a story, to write a book.”
This is that story. 

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