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Robin is a founding partner of The Wholeness Network. She had a desire to create a safe place for people to heal. Building Serena Wholeness Center in Utah was the first phase in fulfilling that dream. The Wholeness Network is her newest endeavor to take healing worldwide. 


Robin is known as The Heart Whisperer. She has a gift for seeing the soul and helping people unlock the wisdom and healing of their own heart. She is trained in Heart Centered Therapy and is a Reiki Master/Teacher. Robin holds classes and retreats monthly as well

as having a private practice for working with clients. 


Along with her gifts in the healing arts, she is a speaker, master creator, photographer and entrepreneur. Robin is a business intuitive helping people find the problems within their organization that are not obvious to the business mind.  


As The Heart Whisperer, Robin lives from her heart. She loves being married to her sweetheart, Andrew and they have been married now for 31 years. They have four amazing children who are their treasures and bring joy, love, and laughter into their home. Andrew and Robin love date nights. biking and traveling together.





Courses available for purchase

This online course introduces you to the basic principles of Reiki, including basic energy principles, the history of Reiki, chakras & auras, intuitive gifts and how to feel the energy and instructions for self Reiki all in the comfort of your own home. This is not a certification in Reiki, simply an explanation of key Reiki principles.


When trauma occurs in our lives, our natural response is to protect ourselves. How do we find our way back again to opening our heart? How do we free ourselves from the emotional pain we have stored? Join Robin Johnson, the Heart Whisperer, as she gently guides you to discover the needs of your own heart, helps you release trapped emotions from the past, and opens the way for you create a new heart connection.