How can wholeness affect love?

Here are a few thoughts…

When you love someone with your physical body, there is a chemistry and connection that pulls you together. It helps you through the tough times, and rekindles the flame of love. There is an intimacy and vulnerability that breaks down walls and brings you closer together.

When you love someone with your mental body, your thoughts are kind and loving towards that person. Being around them helps you think positively about yourself. You can envision your future together. Your thoughts are supportive and genuinely engaged in the other person. You think through their needs and honor your own.

When you love someone with your emotional body, you allow yourself to truly feel the relationship. You feel the love, the passion, the compassion, the disappointments, the hurt, the hope, and the joy. You allow yourself to feel it all knowing all emotions are valid and deserve to be heard. You work through it together.

When you love someone with your spiritual body, you know they are a divine being. You know they have infinite worth. You honor and support their connection to God and their ability to be inspired. You support their worship. You honor the gift of life and the sacred opportunity to be in relationship with them. You honor the sanctity of the connection.

So how do you keep all aspects of love in balance? Being aware is the first step.

Maybe your relationship is missing the emotional component and you could begin a conversation about how your relationship makes you feel. Maybe you are not connected spiritually and you could start a new habit of daily prayer together, or ask for help to see them as God sees them. Maybe you are not connected physically. If you have lost that connection in your relationship, start small with a tender touch, a kiss or gentle caress and let it build as you feel ready over time. If you are not connected mentally, set a goal that dinner conversations become more engaging to learn about each other or write a daily statement of gratitude about the one you love.

Have fun exploring the different aspects of your loving relationship! You may find as you look at your relationship with wholeness in mind, your connection will be deeper, your conversations more meaningful, your love more intimate and the sacrifices you make for the relationship will be rewarded over time.

Find one step you can take today to love more fully from the place of wholeness.

Happy Valentines Day!

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