An Empath - A Blessing and a Curse by Rachel Barker

Aktualisiert: 18. März 2019

Have you ever wondered why experiences seem to affect you a lot deeper than they do other people? If so, you may be an EMPATH. What is an EMPATH? An empath is a person who has the ability to sense and absorb the emotions and energies of the people and surroundings they encounter. Empaths have strong intuition and use it as their primary lens for processing the world around them. They are highly intuitive people who feel emotional and physical sensations on an extremely deep level. This extraordinary ability comes though with a cost, especially when it happens to younger people, an empath may internalize the feelings of others and interpret them as their own. This can lead to confusion and disorientation. Why do I feel this way or why do I have these thoughts while I am always happy and positive? If you have struggled with understanding the emotions explained above, just know that you are not alone. Once you recognize why you may be feeling these emotions, it’s much easier to understand and process that these emotions are not your’s to keep. There are ways to let these emotions go without disconnecting with all who you come in contact with.

Our inner dialogue is very helpful in trying to find balance in sorting out our emotions. Being ever present with yourself by grounding helps the mind and spirit define that all of the emotions that you are experiencing are not your’s. By taking a few deep breaths (pressing pause on the external emotions trying to enter) you remind yourself that these emotions are not your’s. This can help by giving the outside emotion a healing affirmation and then allowing your mind and spirit the ability to disconnect from that emotion. I have an essential oil that I put on the inside of my wrists that I smell when these situations come up. It helps me release the need to absorb the emotions from my surroundings. There are many ways to release heavy emotions as well, the one I have found that works with me is to run a hot tub with Epsom salt, lavender and eucalyptus. As I soak I visualize all the negative emotions being released into the water and as the bathtub drains, so do the emotions. What do you do that helps you?

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