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 Two Women were brought together by way of parallel painful challenges. Both found a gift and talent within holistic wellness modalities. Both felt as if they were walking into the unknown and afraid what others would think of this new "woo woo" way of living and making a living. But, the woo woo worked. It worked for them and it worked for their clients and so they created The Wholeness Network in hopes of sharing theirs and other's gifts and expertise in everything mind, body, spirit, and soul. There were few that understood or had access to this information and experience. They joked about transforming "woo woo" to simply woo and hopefully WOW! They wanted to update and translate holistic vocabulary as well as change the stereotype often associated with healing modalities and practices.

By way of their own healing, they learned that the goal of healing was wholeness. Wholeness is both something we are always striving to uncover and discover and the truth that
we are whole in every moment. 

They teamed up with amazing experts and created an online streaming library full of simple and effective mini-classes, tutorials, wholeness hacks, downloads, and more recently, live online events with the experts. Think Netflix for healing and learning to live with vitality. This library is a place to follow along with an expert as you tap away current emotional stress. It is full of what they call visual meditations that are perfect for those who think they cannot meditate. The library is a great way to incorporate a mindful practice with little to no effort.    
Who We Are

Who We Are

Mechelle Wingle is a founding partner of The Wholeness Network and is also the Director of Operations at Serena Wholeness. In addition, Mechelle is a gifted teacher and mentor. She is continually learning and developing her gifts - expanding truth is her delight.


Her gift of love is one of her greatest assets. She accepts and loves people with all backgrounds. Her hope is to find common ground with all she comes in contact with and help humanity bridge the “gaps” that seem to separate us. 


Mechelle has been featured in Women’s Health Magazine as well as several television segments. Her take on weight loss is revolutionary. She authored the book, “A Mentality Workout: Exercises for Permanent Weight Loss”. 


Mechelle’s favorite attribute has been that of wife and mother. The precious souls she has shared a home with for over 24 years have been her greatest teachers, her biggest cheerleaders, and her closest friends. Spending time with them - especially on vacation - is her favorite pastime.


Certified Natural Healing - Weber State University

Master Energy Therapist - Mindvalley Academy

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master - Intern'l Center for Reiki Training


Robin Johnson is the founder of The Wholeness Network and is known as The Heart Whisperer. She is a professional photographer and a gifted healer. She is an avid entrepreneur and a powerful creator.

Her soul's purpose is to create a safe place for people to heal. She does that whether she is behind the camera, designing a healing center, running a retreat, or creating an online platform for wholeness.


Robin's desire to help people heal comes from finding her own path of healing that ended a 20 year battle with depression. The joy, hope and peace she feels each day will never be taken for granted.


Robin and her husband Andrew have been married for 30 years and have 4 amazing children. She has loved raising her children and seeing them grow and develop their gifts. Andrew and Robin recently became empty nesters and have loved being each other's adventure buddy. They enjoy date nights and  travelling together to collect passport stamps.

Robin loves to speak to audiences of all ages to teach them about the heart. She is a catalyst for change in the world. She sees and believes in the heart and soul of humanity.


Heart Centered Therapy - Chikly Institute

Master Therapist Training - Heart Math Institute

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master - ICRP

Certified Professional Photographer - PPA



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