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Rachelle Castor, mother, grandmother, author, and early childhood educator has worked a lifetime to understand the unseen world of emotions. She calls the journey of knowing what to do with emotions, the Final Frontier. We each can learn to turn struggles into strengths and debilitating traps into tools of growth, creativity and wisdom.

Rachelle’s other work …

Rachelle has written many books for children and families. She has received the Covenant Communications Bronze Trumpet Award, 2018, for selling 100,000 books, the Mom’s Choice Award, 2019 for her Emotional Super Powers, and the Noteworthy Award for her short story Angels in Every Storm, 2019. Rachelle’s next visionary step is to produce tools of hope for humanity “If we can teach children who they really are and give them tools to process their dark thoughts and heavy feelings we can help them build resilience before difficulties and afflictions cause disruptive damage. Where painful or harmful events have already taken place, these emotionally healing and inspiring truths empower children to move out of painful confusion and into light and hope.”

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