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The Wholeness Network Presents

Journey To Self Mastery


We want you to discover a world inside of you, a world which has always been there but may have laid dormant… until now!


Did you know, you have the ability to take full control of your life and with that, full responsibility?


The Wholeness network presents, Journey to self mastery


If you’ve ever imagined a deeper friendship, a harmonious relationship, a better state of health, a more satisfying job or a different level of income, you’ve already taken your first steps on this journey, but now it’s time to stop rejecting these thoughts and make them a reality instead


Discover our Teachers

Journey to Self Mastery is a Spiritual and Personal Development content platform featuring the teachings and philosophy of Coaches and Therapists from all over the world, teaching a life philosophy based on the universal laws and metal faculties.


Content from all these teachers have been brought together on one platform where the audience can consume lessons on metal well being, health, relationships and wealth. These lessons will give each of you an understanding of the universal laws and how to develop your mental faculties and use them to create the life you truly desire.

Our Journey to Self Mastery Teachers

Nina Robert

Nina Robert Image 1.JPG

As a dedicated success mentor and coach, Nina is committed to helping individuals “wake up” and live fulfilling lives by transforming their ideas into tangible outcomes. Nina understands that success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal, whether it’s within one’s professional career, personal relationships, or physical and mental well-being. Through her scientifically validated, step-by-step approach, Nina expertly coaches her clients to program their success.

Smita Joshi


Smita Joshi, an award-winning author, avid yogi and yoga teacher, High Performance & Transformaion coach. She’s the author of the Amazon bestseller the Karma and Diamonds trilogy. Inspired by real events from her own life, “Karma & Diamonds” follows a young woman’s gripping journey of Self-discovery across continents and lifetimes as she struggles to conquer  life’s conflicts and unpredictable challenges and then she starts listening to the inner voice.

Prior to wri<ng the trilogy, in a business career spanning 25 years working with Technology giants as well as start-ups, Smita worked interna<onally with global leaders of the industry, winning mul<-million dollar contracts, the largest being $ 1 billion. She was one of the first to bring India’s Informa<on Technology services into the heart of Bri<sh and European companies.

As a TV presenter and for her YouTube channel, The Self Discovery Channel – Smita she has interviewed leading poli<cians, entrepreneurs, and global gurus. She also creates videos on topics of self discovery, personal development, emo<onal and spiritual intelligence.

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